Future For the Hall

Following adoption of the Marketing Plan earlier this year, the three focus groups have been working hard on the various elements.  

Marketing has been renamed "Planning" and Facilities is now "Project management", Finance has been concentrating on funding applications.

So far applications have been made to Build Back Greener - which awarded £1820, the full cost of the insulation - and this will e installed in mid/late November, the NNDC Sustainable Communities Fund awarded £10253, just over 70% of the cost of new windows and doors.  The application for 80% (the maximum allowed) of the costs of a new and more efficient heating system has been submitted to the Sheringham Shoal Fund, but a decision will not be made until November.  This is all really good news as it shows the Committee, the Working Group and the Parish Council are working together to maximise use of the money in the accounts. 

More news as we get it!