Planning Applications


PF/20/1771 - Land Adjacent Watts Cottage, 2 Mill Road, Banningham 

                        Two storey detached dwelling (4-bed) with detached garage/carport to front;                                       alterations, including widening, of vehicle access

All relevant documents are available on the North Norfolk District Council website

Council suported the proposals, see Minutes  

Update - the application was considered by the NNDC Development Committee on 11 February, and was Refused. 

PF/20/2382 -  Land Adjacent  Churchills Barn, Tuttington Rd, Banningham NR11 7DR

   Two storey detached dwelling for agricultural worker to replace existing temporary    dwelling currently on site

The Council will consider this application at a meeting on 11 January 2021

Agenda.    Council response was No Objections with comments see Minutes

PF/20/2433 - Heppin Barn, North Walsham Road, Banningham

Variation of Conditions

For detailed description and all related documents, see NNDC website

council response to Support.

PF/21/0057   The Caravan, Colby Corner, Colby NR11 7EB

                        Detached Dwelling with Detached Garage and

                        Associated External Works to replace Caravan and Outbuilding

 The  Council will consider this application at the eeting on 17 February.