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Mrs Mo Anderson-Dungar
01263 732530

Colby & Banningham

Colby & Banningham are two villages in the heart of North Norfolk which were combined into one civil parish in the 1930's.  Both villages saw  some infill development in the mid-1970's, and apart from a few individual houses, not much development has taken place since then.

Colby & Banningham PC

The Parish Council currently has 5 of the 7 seats filled.  All Councillors live in the parish and have a wealth of local knowledge.  Parish Councils are the third tier of local government, the other two being Norfolk County Council and North Norfolk District Council.

News and Information

13 November 2020

Thanks to everyone who has contacted the Council and/or Anglian Water about the leak on the village green.  

Anglian Water attended on 22 November, stopped the water pouring down the road, and should complete repair works by 18 November.

What We Do

The Parish Council is responsible for:

  • the village green

  • the playing field

  • the allotments

  • the 3 noticeboards

  • commenting on planning applications

  • the Jubilee Hall (in conjunction with the Management Committee)

  • the 2 village signs

  • grants towards churchyards upkeep

20 November 2020 

The next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting  will be on Wednesday 16 December 2020, either in person at the Jubilee Hall, or virtually via Zoom, depending on Government guidance at the time. 


The Council will meet on Wednesday 25 November via Zoom to consider Tenders for Grounds Maintenance - this part of the meeting will be in closed session. 

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